Beginning Steps To Home Building

2015-07-01 19.56.06This step is to level the ground where the house will be positioned on the land. (called a stake out) ( the garage is large as you can see with the Jeep in the garage portion of the house) I wanted to get this whole process in pictures to allow you to experience with me, from the ground up, new home construction.

To come to this place in the process, the plans were drawn, the contractor carefully examines the plans to catch any errors and revisions that are needed.  The plans are submitted to the city of Lakeside to obtain a building permit.  In this step we discovered we needed an energy audit. (an energy rating from an independent source to meet the city code)  The windows, doors, appliances, insulation, and air handler are all a part of energy rating.  Also needed was an engineers report for the foundation.  Checking the soil conditions of the area the engineer recommended rebar for reinforcing the foundation.  And since we had to build up the soil at the bedroom end of the house extra reinforcement was needed in the form of a support wall.  We went back to the engineer to have the drawings for the support wall. (City requires the new drawings for their inspection)

The next step is to have the plumber come out and dig the trenches for the plumbing. (see below)  Now  we wait for the city inspection.  Once we pass city inspection we can continue.


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