Bonus Room Above Garage

100 Ann Ct20151108_141634What a pleasant surprise to have a bonus room above the garage.  As my friend and I rolled up to the house (newly framed out) she declared “you didn’t tell me it was a two story”!!!  As you can plainly see the high roof line above garage allows for a room up there.  The new feature was not planned and thus a surprise.  Sometimes mistakes turn into great advantages..


With the roof now in place we are ready to work inside.

The two windows in the front will be installed soon.  There was a mistake in the sizes of windows ordered.  Another order had to be placed to make the correction.

The framing is done in three stages and is almost complete.  Three different framing crews show up each specializing in their work areas. 1. Framers, 2. soffit and fascia work, and 3. decking for the roof.

The brick and rock is standing by and ready for the next phase.

Today our HAVC was installed and the installer kindly sent me a picture of their fine work


This experience, for me, has been both exciting, fulfilling, and frustrating, with pop-up surprises filling in the spaces.  Over all we are moving forward, making corrections where we can and building a beautiful home.

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3 thoughts on “Bonus Room Above Garage”

  1. What astounding progress! It’s totally true, “you didn’t tell me it was a 2-story”! The work you do is so great. I look forward to the finished product as you establish the first example of your future building prowess. Congrats!

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