Let’s Get Framing

lumber delivery
First the lumber delivery….but before the lumber was delivered,  The “framers” had to be scheduled.  In this area there is so much construction of new houses that we experienced a delay for the contractors.  As a result we had to be put to the bottom of the list for our lumber. Enough to say, that again we were at a stand still.  
So excited to be underway with this phase.   




Looking really good after a few adjustments to the interior framing.  I think you would also agree to these small changes inside. The whole goal on the interior is to be an open plan with plenty of living space.  We simply removed the wall between the kitchen and dining area.   Once the framing plan leaps off the page and is seen in all it’s glory some changes can be made.

Would you allow me to brag a little bit?  The front porch is wonderful and the back porch has such a beautiful view of trees and the creek.  The Garage is any man’s dream, nice and big with a door out the back to the yard.

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