Making Progress

IMG_0348Today we are ready for the concrete.  We have passed city inspection on the plumbing and the placement of the rebar.  You will notice some of the rebar is down in deep trenches.  The deepest trench is five feet at the far end of the foundation.  That was required because of the extra fill that had to be used to level the lot.  The engineering firm Graham-Martin drew up the plans for the placement of the rebar and the piers.  (they look like trenches but will reinforce the foundation lake a retaining wall)  We assure you this foundation will stay in place for centuries.

Also notice the black plastic, very thick and it provides a moisture barrier, a protective layer against bugs.  Everything has been measured and remeasured to make sure the preparation for the concrete is according to the plans from the Engineers.
IMG_0350Just to show you we are still smiling!!! It was so wet in the spring and early summer that we were delayed 2 months…now it is so hot and dry…the soil like rock. We were also delayed 4 weeks for the water tap.    Happy construction days…ready for the  big pour.IMG_0581

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