Six AM The Foundation Pour Begins

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All the excitement started at 6 am when the first cement truck arrived.  Above is a picture of the pump truck responsible for pumping from the large cement trucks onto the prepared surface.  It was a wonderful cool 75 degrees that day, perfect for getting our foundation in place.  It had been 103 degrees the day before and the next day back up in temp to 95 degrees.   It was great to have the cooler weather so the workers could move along at a steady pace.   The foundation needs to dry slowly, so the cooler day made it possible to get a good start on setting up the concrete.  28322844It went very quickly and by 9 am the whole pour process was complete with just some additional smoothing needed.  A beautiful day with the weather cooperating.  2835

Next phase framing, once in place, we invite you to come take a look.  We will gladly walk you thru the rooms and explain what will be happening next.

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